Love Island bosses accused of singling out Molly Mae in the tweet challenge


LOVE Island fans have accused show bosses of singling out Molly-Mae Hague in last night’s tweet challenge.

The Instagram influencer – who is coupled up with Tommy Fury – was slammed in three separate social media posts, which were read out in the Online Buzz challenge.

Love Island fans think bosses purposefully selected negative tweets about Molly-Mae Hague

The Islanders had to fill in the gaps to find out what the public have been saying about them on Twitter.

One read: “What Anton said about Molly playing a game was bang on.”

Molly fumed: “It’s a load of rubbish, I’m not playing a game.”

A separate tweet, which shocked the group, read: “Tommy and Lucie are meant to be together. Look at them.”

Molly was accused of playing a game and only being on the show for the money rather than to find love
Molly was furious with the string of comments

The boxer insisted nothing was going on between the pair, despite him coupling up with the surfer earlier on in the programme.

He laughed: “That’s a load of b*****ks. Come on!”

The final tweet, which was guessed correctly by Tom Walker, read: “Nah, Tommy deserves more than Molly-Mae, she doesn’t like him she likes £50k.”

The post hit a nerve with the 20-year-old. She replied: “Wow wow. I came in for one thing, not money, and I found it.”

Last night’s game, titled Online Buzz, saw tweets from the public read out to the Islanders, who had to fill in the gaps
Molly raged about the game in the Beach Hut

Speaking in the beach hut, she vented her upset at the remark: “I am actually fuming. I’m not going to hide. fuming. I’m annoyed because, I feel like to bring money into it. What am I meant to say? I’m speechless.”

Social media fans believe the show’s bosses purposefully selected the critical comments about Molly.

One viewer tweeted: “I mean idk why Molly Mae was singled out bc really they’re all in there for the money it’s f**King love island isn’t it.”

While another wrote: “So sad that #LoveIsland have targeted Molly Mae for this challenge when I hardly ever see tweets about her being fake and she has one of the biggest followings! AND they probably used the ONLY positive tweet about Arabella.”

Lucie and Anton read out the tweets on the programme, while the other Islanders had to guess the missing words to win points
Molly Mae asked Tommy to be more mindful of his friendship with Lucie after one tweet hailed Tommy and the surfer as the perfect match


A third wrote: “Nah why did they do mollymae like that in the tweet challenge man fdjhgf she’s sweet.”

A separate viewer shared: “That tweet challenge was not accurate at all. Surely those tweets about molly Mae were from week 1?”, another wrote: “Feel like this tweet challenge is just gonna give molly mae trust issues #loveisland.”

Another wrote: “The tweet challenge was funny when Michael was being “whipped” by Amber but to suggest Molly Mae is playing a game??? come on, and by “come on” I mean “shut up” #LoveIsland.”

“Well disappointed with this years tweet challenge. All of the s**t they could have said to Amy and yet it picked on Molly Mae?”, wrote another.

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