Love Island bosses to sex up show by moving hot tub into the hideaway bedroom


LOVE Island bosses are planning to sex up this year’s series after moving the hot tub into the hideaway bedroom.

Previously contestants moaned that they weren’t using the Jacuzzi because it was “too hot” and “attracted wasps”.


Love Island bosses have moved the hot tub into the hideaway to encourage more passion in the villa, after previous islanders complained it attracted wasps[/caption]


So this year, as workmen put the final touches to the revamped villa, it has now been moved inside to try and encourage more kinky antics.

Love Island boss Richard Cowles told The Sun: “The hot tub has moved.

“The hot tub is now in The Hideaway – it wasn’t getting enough use.

“Now islanders will be able to go on dates to The Hideaway and have a night in the hot tub.”


Sexy surfer Lucie Donlan is one of the wannabe stars looking for love this year[/caption]

As well as turning up the heat in the villa, bosses are planning on bringing viewers closer to the action than ever before.

This year they’ve installed 71 cameras to capture the islanders every move.


Will she strike it lucky with hunk Sharif Lanre?[/caption]

ITV Studios’ Managing Director Angela Jain was also keen to insist that while they’ve upped the surveillance, nothing will be scripted.

She said: “It is 100 per cent produced but just to be crystal clear nothing you see has been done for the cameras, not at all.

“When you make TV programs and you’re on a single camera shoot, you will shoot the scene wide to start with and go in and ask them to repeat actions for cutaways, that is how TV works.

“But in terms of the 71 cameras in the villa, everything you see is their words, they are not told what to say, the only time they say or words is when they read out a text.

“There’s no construction about this.

“We’re not trying to tell them what to say or do, and it’s their own words.”


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