Love Island fans in hysterics as Curtis’ mum calls Maura Moira repeatedly


CURTIS Pritchard’s mum left Love Island fans in hysterics as she repeatedly called Maura “Moira” in the villa tonight.

The dancer’s mum repeatedly mispronounced the name despite Curtis correcting her each time she got it wrong.

Curtis’ mum kept mispronouncing Maura as Moira in hilarious gaffe


It left fans in tears of laughter on social media and they took to Twitter to share their hilarity.

One wrote: “Curtis’s Mum calling Maura ‘Moira’ is everything #loveisland”

A second said: “If your mum can’t get a girls name right no matter how many times you correct her then there’s no way she likes her! So forget about moira I mean Mauras mum not liking Curtis, I think the boots on the other foot!”

Another added: “Curtis’ mum continuously calling maura ‘moira’ could not have made it clearer that she doesn’t like maura i am dying #loveisland”

Curtis attempted to correct his mother to no avail

Meanwhile, Maura’s mum wasn’t to be outdone with her own shade throwing at Curtis.

The contestants parents visited the villa in tonight’s episode but it soon became clear that Maura’s mum does not share her daughter’s enjoyment of the dancer.

She told her that she trusted her to do the right thing and was less than complimentary on Maura’s Love Island partner.

She could only up compliments that he was “nice” and added: “There’s obviously something you see in him.”

Maura’s mum could barely summon up a compliment to Curtis

Viewers hailed Maura’s mum as a savage for her comments

Curtis thinks Maura’s mum liked him

Viewers were convinced her mum not-so-secretly loathes Curtis after the way he dumped ex Amy before moving on with Maura.

One wrote: “Maura’s mum definitely doesn’t like Curtis lmao #LoveIsland

A second said: “Maura’s mum doesn’t rate Curtis at all and neither do I #LoveIsland”

Another added: “sooooOoooo maura’s mum hates curtis #LoveIsland”

A fourth said: “‘There’s obviously something you see in him.’ Maura’s mum is a savage #loveisland”

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