Love Island reveals one couple will be dumped TOMORROW and viewers are convinced it will be Danny and Arabella


LOVE Island has revealed one couple will be dumped from the villa tomorrow – and fans think it will be Danny and Arabella.

Viewers will get the chance to save their favourite couple and have until this evening to cast their votes – meaning the least popular in the public’s eye will get the boot.

Love Island fans think Danny and Arabella will get kicked off

And those watching at home are convinced they already know who is going after a dramatic few days in the villa for Danny and Arabella after Yewande was sent packing.

Taking to Twitter to discuss it- which still refusing to call her Arabella – one person wrote: “So we all agreed that danny and arabiatta have gotta go #LoveIsland.”

Another added: “We all need to come together to vote for every couple except Danny and Umbrella #LoveIsland.”

While someone else remarked: “So no one’s voting for danny and anaphylactic shock yeah? #LoveIsland.”

Arabella and Danny have angered viewers

Fans turned on Danny after he picked Arabella over Yewande during the recoupling earlier this week.

Despite not winning over the public, Arabella is smitten with Danny and admitted she was desperate to have sex with him after just one night together.

The pair were seen kissing and getting hot and heavy under the covers, and in tonight’s episode, model Arabella, 28, admitted she’s close to the “danger zone”.

Speaking to Lucie, Anton and Jordan, she said: “When you’re in bed smooching but you can’t have sex, I feel like that is between a 6 and a 10 [in the danger zone].

One couple will get booted out tomorrow night

“When you pet someone, that is a 1. I feel like it’s building up. Last night, we were at a 6 and now I’m at an 8 and I’m thinking, I don’t want to get to that 10.”

Heading to the Beach Hut, Arabella added: “The danger zone is about kissing and I feel like 1-5 is your classic in the day, having a little kiss.

“I feel like 5-10 is when you’re in bed, 10 being you’re in that danger zone and stuff could go down.”


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