Love Island viewers in hysterics as Molly-Mae sneezes and farts at the same time


LOVE Island’s Molly-Mae sneezed and farted at the same time – and Chris called her out on it.

Fans were in stitches when it aired on Love Island’s Unseen Bits last night as they saw Molly try to ignore her little accident.


Love Island fans got to see Molly-Mae sneeze and fart at the same time on Unseen Bits last night[/caption]


Her body shook as her she followed it with a little fart [/caption]

Molly looks up to check who heard her fart

Molly was sitting on the bean bags when a light breeze tickled the Instagram star and made her sneeze – followed by a ‘plop’.

Unlucky for her the camera had zoomed in on her face and viewers got to see her eyes dart up to check if anyone had heard her little accident.

But Chris, with ears like a bat, piped up and said: “Did you just fart?”

Curtis erupted into giggles as Chris added: “Did you think you’d got away with that as well? I’ve done that too many times not to notice it!”

Chris looks over to Molly as the others turn away

One viewer reacted on Twitter: “Molly ur not the only one who tried to cover up a fart with a sneeze…”

Another scoffed “molly mae not being able to hold in her fart when sneezing are way better than those s****y dates we seen this week”

And one more tweeted: “Haha Molly Mae totally thought she had got away with that sneeze fart”

Molly has been known to let out puffs of air in front of Tommy, and Tommy has even picked his girlfriend’s nose as the islanders forget the cameras are rolling.

Molly-Mae has been known to fart and burp in front of boyfriend Tommy Fury

Earlier, Greg had told Ovie that saying the word ‘pineapple’ can stop you from sneezing
But his trick didnt work

Viewers love their closeness and one reacted on Twitter: “Tommy picks molly mae nose and flicked it 😂😂 she farts and burps around him real and true love when you can be weird with your partner”

Another said: “Tommy loves when molly mae farts and burps 😂😂😂 love their relationship”

As one more mused: “I think Molly Mae has a fart fetish”

Love Island fans nickname Molly-Mae ‘Money-Mae’ as she ‘fake cries to win £50k’

Molly-Mae has been accused of faking her emotions, and this week she suffered another blow as fans nicknamed her “Money-Mae” after she “fake cried to win the £50,000 cash prize”.

However, despite their harsh comments, others said they finally saw Molly-Mae cry real tears as water glistened under her eyes as she spoke about Tommy on their final date.

One fan suggested on Twitter: “I dont understand why everyone hates molly-mae and think shes on love island for the money. 1) i think she actually does like tommy the way she says she does and 2) funny thing is, they’re ALL on love island for the money. think some people are just jealous of her”

Love Island will continue on Sunday and see the islanders reunited with their family members.

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