Love Island’s Curtis admits he’s ‘confused’ as he catches feelings for TWO of the new girls


LOVE Island’s Curtis has admitted he’s “confused” after catching feelings for TWO of the new girls.

Despite being in one of the strongest couples in the villa, a teaser for tonight’s show reveals Curtis is having doubts about his relationship with Amy.

Curtis admits feeling ‘confused’ about his feelings towards the new girls

Initially vowing to stay loyal to the air stewardess, Curtis told the Beach Hut: “My mind is still set on Amy really. Amy is in my head. Nothing has turned my head at all yet.”

When Tommy pushes him on whether his head would ever be turned, the ballroom dancer replied: “I have an amazing thing with Amy.

“Something really good and I really enjoy and I really like everything about it. I like waking up next to Amy. Amy’s smart, she’s clever, she’s fantastic, she’s awesome. It would have to take a lot.”

But after spending more time with the girls, he seems to have a change of tune.

Jourdan has caught Curtis’ eye
He’s also keen on Joanna

“I’m a bit all over the place,” he admits to Tommy.

“There is nothing wrong with me and Amy in any way.

“Our relationship is great, everything is incredible, it’s fantastic. I like her, I like spending time with her, I can see it working in the long run on the outside, I really can.

“But I don’t know why, I’m really confused. These girls have come in and there’s two of them. Jourdan and Joanna.

Amy is adamant about not sharing a bed with anyone other than Curtis

“I don’t know mate, I feel a little bit weird. Maybe this is just going to be a massive test.

“Why am I even thinking about this situation?”

Meanwhile over in Casa Amor, Amy has no doubt about Curtis’ loyalty.

Insisting she won’t be sleeping next to a new man, Amy told Molly-Mae: “I am in an exclusive relationship with a boy I see a future with.

“So I don’t want to share a bed with anyone else.”

Later in the teaser clip Curtis is seen sleeping outside with Tommy and Michael.

Michael, Curtis and Tommy all sleep outside in the day beds

But it’s Michael who is having real second thoughts when he admits being tempted to get into bed with new girl Joanna.

After calling Amber “childish”, Michael says he finds Joanna “attractive” and wants to get to know her.

The fireman, 28, who has been happily coupled up with 21-year-old Amber looked like he was already looking to move on with someone new just hours after the new girls arrived.

Joanna and Michael grow close while Amber’s in Casa Amor

Pressing him on his relationship status, forward Joanna tells him: “You are my type. I wanted to see where you’re at because obviously you’re coupled up with Amber.

“As long as I know there is some part of you that is up for getting to know me.”

Michael replied: “There are certain things that have gone on that I think are quite childish, yeah, yeah there is.

“If someone proper blows me out of the water. it’s not a beeline to myself, if I didn’t kind of go for it.”

Michael admits he wants to get to know ‘attractive’ Joanna
Joanna giggles and grins as Michael kisses her neck
Michael is tempted to share a bed with Joanna

In the Beach Hut, Michael admits: “She’s obviously a very attractive girl. It wouldn’t hurt to get to know who Joanna is to see if, by all means, she’s more like me.”

He adds: “The new girls coming in has obviously come at a great time. It’s helped me realise situations that I’ve overlooked with Amber, and it’s made me realise that I did go into a shell over the past week and I wasn’t really acting myself.

“Just acting a bit out of character. This has come at a good time to help me clear things up in my head.”

But worried he’s made a mistake, Michael says: “Is it worth the potential headache of sharing a bed with Joanna if there’s nothing actually there, or if I don’t share a bed with Joanna and there is something there than am I just shooting myself in the foot?

“Have a I been f***ing stupid not getting in bed? I wasn’t going to do anything, just chat.”

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