Love Island’s Joanna reveals Islanders have secret chats by text message on villa phones that viewers don’t see


LOVE Islanders have secret chats on their villa phones away from prying eyes, says Joanna Chimonides.

Love Islanders aren’t allowed to discuss their relationships unless they are on camera, but the 22-year revealed they can TEXT each other on villa phones.

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Love Islanders aren’t allowed to discuss their relationships unless it is on camera, but it has been revealed they can TEXT each other on villa phones[/caption]

Islanders are all given a mobile so that producers can let them know about challenges and dumpings, but the 22-year-old says they come in handy for off-camera conversations.

Last week fans saw Jordan texting and insisted he was on the phone to producers and Joanna confirmed that the mobiles work, revealing the Islanders can also message each other away from prying eyes.

Speaking at Kisstory on the Common in London on Saturday, she said: “You can get pictures on the phones, videos and you can text each other in the villa on the phones as well.

“Producers don’t take them off you, they are either in your hand or on charge.”

Jordan Hames was spotted on his phone

She also revealed Islanders will draft their romantic speeches in the lead up to recouplings on the devices.

She added: “It’s all off your own back that’s why it’s so intense when you are standing there. A lot of people write it on their phones. A lot of people write it as a message to themselves. With me, I just said what was on my mind.”

Joanna arrived on the show during dramatic Casa Amor and said she was given TWO days notice to pack.

The star said: “I don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t given free clothes. I had two days to get ready and go in and you wear whatever you want, producers don’t ask you to wear certain things like bikinis.”

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Joanna told Sun Online at Kisstory on the Common that Islanders have secret chats on their villa phones[/caption]

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Love Island stars reunited at Kisstory on the Common on Saturday[/caption]

The Sun Online revealed Michael and Joanna rekindled their romance on Saturday at Kisstory and were spotted getting very close side of stage.

But Joanna insisted she hasn’t completely forgiven him for trying it on with Amber when she left the villa.

She said: “I’d like to have a chat with him to hear him out and that doesn’t mean I’ll go back there though.

“I just want to hear him out and respect his wishes by allowing him to do that. And I would like to hear him out because I’d like to know exactly what went on there.”

In the meantime, she said: “I don’t do dating apps. I think if it’s meant to be you will meet the right person and fall in love, you don’t force it.”

Kisstory continues today, Sunday 28th July, with acts including DJ Luck & MC Neat, Romeo & Lisa Maffia, Baby D and many more taking to the stage.

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