Love Island’s Maura raging as she finds out Tom branded her ‘cringe, OTT and attention-seeking’


MAURA will be left raging in tonight’s Love Island after she finds outs Tom branded her “cringe, OTT and attention-seeking”.

She’s told all about Tom’s opinions on her following a chat with Anna, who got all the gossip from Jordan.

Maura will be left furious with Tom during tonight’s Love Island

Jordan tells Anna about a conversation he’d had with Tom the night before about his coupling with Maura.

Jordan says to Anna: “Obviously this has got to stay between me and you because he told me in confidence…

“He said that he feels that Maura is not his usually type and sometimes when she says stuff in the group, it makes him cringe a bit which sort of puts him off her.

“But it’s still a bit of a problem and he wants a girl that is into fitness so, I feel like if another girl came in he would definitely be open to speaking to new people.”


Maura finds out what Tom’s been saying about her following a chat with Anna
Anna got all the goss from Jordan, who had a chat with Tom the previous day

Anna says: “But has he told her?”

Jordan replies: “I don’t think so. That’s what I mean, I wonder if it would be better if he just told her the things.”

Later in the evening, Anna feels she should tell Maura about her earlier conversation with Jordan and tries to warn Maura she needs to speak to Tom about their coupling.

Anna says: “Obviously you’re my girl and I want to be there for you. I feel like Tom and Jordan go to each other for advice so I think he is just asking Jordan for advice.

Tom clearly isn’t a fan of Maura’s behaviour

“I think it’s best you and Tom talk about it and get your feelings out there.

“But I don’t want you to go in there completely not knowing what is going on… He asked Jordan for advice on your compatibility.”

Maura replies: “Why is he asking Jordan for advice on that when it’s such early days, we are still getting to know each other…

“So obviously he is writing it off before we get to know each other… It’s the fact that he’s not once ever said it to me.”

Maura discusses Tom’s comments in the Beach Hut

Anna tells Maura not to bring Jordan into anything if she does confront Tom because Anna doesn’t want Jordan to think she has broken his trust.

Maura reassures her that she won’t reveal how she got in the inside knowledge but for her own sake needs to speak to Tom to find out where she stands.

Maura says in the Beach Hut: “I want to know what Tom said. To be honest with you, I don’t want to be sharing a bed with someone that might have talked rubbish about me.

“Something bad has been said, I know that for a fact and I’m going to find out.”


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