Love Island’s Yewande refuses to be reunited with rival Arabella Chi on Aftersun


YEWANDE Biala refused to be reunited with Love Island rival Arabella Chi on tonight’s AfterSun.

Host Caroline Flack asked the scientist – who was dumped from the island earlier this week by Danny in favour of Arabella – if she wanted to meet the model and she respectfully declined live on television.

Yewande declined Caroline’s offer to reunite with Arabella on live telly

She told Caroline: “I mean like, she’s a lovely girl because I didn’t really get to know her in the villa. It’s really awkward trying to get to know someone when they’re trying to steal your man.”

“I just don’t feel we have that friendship and if we did have it now then it would be first.”

Yewande also opened up about how she knew she was going home when Danny rushed to comfort Arabella when the Islanders were first told that someone would be dumped.

She added: “I knew he was going to pick Arabella. We got the text about someone getting dumped and he went straight to Arabella when he was in a couple with me.”

Caroline couldn’t resist asking the cheeky question


Arabella was dumped from the villa by the boys soon after she tried to replace Yewande[/caption]

The cancer scientist also told how her coupling with Danny went wrong when he lied to her about how his date with Arabella went.

She said: “I knew he was lying, right then and there.

“That’s when we started being shaky. I was like how can you say that to me? How are you so sure? And that’s when I wasn’t so sure.

“You don’t know who’s coming through that door. Then I started being unsure and we started being shaky.”


But it did begin well, with Yewande conceding she was attracted to Danny when he joined the villa.

She said: “Back then, yeah there was. Back then. It was nice because I feel at that time everyone else was established in romantic couples and I was just floating around the villa.

“I’ve been hurt before. All my relationships in the past were either being cheated on or a third party coming in. It’s so hard to open up to people after two or three days.”

And for now she’s just trying to adjust to life where people scream wherever she goes, adding: “I feel like I’m the same person but little things have changed. I went to a restaurant the other day and when I left there was loads of people screaming and then I started screaming too.”


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