Low fly-tipping fines are acting as financial incentive, Keep Britain Tidy complains after men who created £90k mess escape with £1,000 penalties


Low fly-tipping fines are acting as a financial inventive for criminals, Keep Britain Tidy has said, after men who created a £90,000 mess escaped with £1,000 penalties.

Three men were fined between £1,000 and £1,500 for dumping rubbish on a huge fly-tipping site, with refuse from a church and a housing association among the waste. They were also each sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months.

Sidney Simpson, Daniel Worboys and Jason Newman each admitted dumping waste at what they claimed was described to them as a ‘burn site’, where rubbish would be destroyed. 

A court heard the trio were each charged up to £100 a time for leaving waste at the site, saving them around £50 on what would have been charged at a licensed facility. 

The waste site caused problems for the environment with some of the waste catching fire, causing toxic smoke and some of the waste had entered the local stream. 


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