Lukaku sends Azpilicueta flying into Man Utd club snapper by bullying the Chelsea star off the ball


ROMELU Lukaku showed Cesar Azpilicueta who was boss after sending him crashing into a photographer with a shoulder barge.

The incident happened in the first half when the duo were battling for the ball deep in Chelsea’s territory.

Lukaku, 25, was in control when the Spaniard attempted to stick in a foot and win back possession.

But the big Belgian, who towers over his opponent, had other ideas and threw his weight at the 5’10 full-back.

Azpilicueta failed to keep his balance and flew into United’s official club photographer of 25 years.

The snapper, who was holding his camera at the time, fell off his seat and into the hoardings.

The Chelsea defender did help him back up but didn’t hang around with United still in possession.

Viewers unsurprisingly found the funny side on Twitter with one even likening Lukaku to Game of Thrones strongman Thanos.

He said: “Lukaku playing like prime Thanos today.”

Another added: “Lukaku is a beast.”

A third said: “Oh my days, Lukaky just sent Azpilicueta back to Spain. That was a mad shoulder barge from big Rom.”



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