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Luxembourg’s royals share snaps of THIS historic event amid pandemic


The royal couple had not been able to meet their grandson as he was born on May 10 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But yesterday Luxembourg’s royal family shared a series of photographs showing the heartwarming moment the Duke was finally able to see his grandson.

Prince Charles is the son of Prince Guillaume, 38, and Princess Stéphanie of Luxembourg, 36.

The photos were shared by the grand ducal family on Instagram.

In one of the pictures, Prince Charles can be seen resting on a large teddy bear as he takes a nap.

Other pictures show the Prince, who is now six-weeks-old sleeping on his mother’s arms at Fischbah castle.

“It is with great pleasure that Prince Guillaume and Princess Stéphanie reveal new pictures of their son Charles,” the caption read.

The royal baby is seen wearing white woolen dungarees, paired with a matching sweater and some beige woolen socks.

The young prince was pictured by himself, with his mother, with both his parents and with his grandfather Grand Duke Henri.

In one of the snaps, the royal baby has his eyes open as he looks into his mother eyes while she cradles him.

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The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess could not meet Charles when he was born due to the social distancing measure implemented in Luxembourg during the coronavirus pandemic.

The royal couple resorted to a video call to be able to see their grandson for the first time.

Speaking of the birth of his son in May, Prince Guillaume said it was “probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life”.

He added: “To be able to greet the child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing, parenting, a couple can have”.

In a statement, the Luxembourg royals said they were “delighted to announce the birth” of their son.

It read: “The Hereditary couple is delighted to announce the birth of their son this Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 5.13am at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg.

“The baby will bear the first names of Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume. The child weighs 3.190 kg and is 50 cm tall.”

Speaking with the media outside the hospital where Charles was born, prince Guillaume said: “We are delighted to [have this experience] at a time that is difficult for families that have been separated but in the next weeks will see each other again.

“A birth is a message of hope, it’s a blessing. This is what we are so happy to share with Luxembourg and all the different countries”.


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