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Macron on brink: 'President of the rich' Emmanuel Macron faces hefty defeat in election


France’s President Emmanuel Macron party could face a defeat in the municipal elections on Sunday. France24’s Philip Turle explained Mr Macron is considered the President of the rich amongst many critical citizens. He added, over 60 percent of the population have a negative opinion of the President and this is likely to be reflected in the election.

Mr Turle said: “Unfortunately for President Emmanuel Macron France’s Municipal Elections are not looking very good.

“There are several reasons for this, the first one being Emmanuel Macron is unpopular amongst the French”

“61 percent of French people have a fairly negative opinion of the French President.”

Mr Turle also highlighted the difficulties President Macron has faced due to consistent protesting.

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He said: “Macron has also had to put up with widespread strikes around the country.

“I remember the yellow vest protests which took place beginning of November 2018 right the way through last year.

“There was also a six-week transport strike over the Christmas period.

“There were protests over the Pension reforms and now the Black Lives Matter protests in France.

Mr Turle also explained the difficulties Mr Macron’s LREM party is expected to face due to the nature of the election.

He said: “These municipal elections are not really like normal presidential elections in France.

“This is because the voters are there to vote for their local officials.

“Local officials do not represent the same values as elected MPs in the national assembly in Paris.”


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