Madrid bar owners to shut venues over Spurs vs Liverpool ‘hooligan fears’


Liverpool and Tottenham travel to the Spanish capital on Saturday for the 8pm kick off.

But some bar bosses say they close up early over safety fears as around 70,000 English fans prepare to travel there.

The front cover of Marca, a Spanish newspaper, carries a headline yesterday titled “Fear”.

It also said “several bars near the fan zones closed on Saturday” for fear of “hooligans”.

One bar owner interviewed said: “We are evaluating whether to close on Saturday and some colleagues in the area have already decided (to close).

Liverpool vs Spurs: Madrid bar owners to shut over'hooligan fears'

FEARS: Spanish paper Marca (left) leads on security measures ahead of the final (Pic: MARCA/GETTY)

“The security of the premises cannot be guaranteed. We already had problems with 50 or 100 Serbs who came to see the basketball.

“It closes and re-opens on Monday and we are cured in health.”

And the manager of the Hard Rock Cafe said they had drafted in additional security for the final.

They said: “If we normally have one person from a private security firm, from Thursday to Sunday we will have eight.

“We are afraid that the same thing that happened in last season’s semi-final between Liverpool and Roma.

Marca newspaper

NEWS: Marca’s front page on Monday (Pic: MARCA)

Champions League final venue

VENUE: Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid (Pic: GETTY)

“And that is why we have strengthened ourselves.”

In that semi-final, Liverpool fan Sean Cox was left in a coma after being attacked by Roma fan Simone Mastrelli, who was jailed, outside Anfield.

But some said they would be welcoming English fans with increased quantities of beer.

A bar manager said: “Normally we use two barrels per week, but for Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we have planned an order of three barrels each day so in total there will be nine.”


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