Man arrested for cat fetish after police discover photos of kittens sitting on his genital


POLICE have arrested a man after discovering he had a grim fetish – he liked to photograph kittens sitting on his private parts.

Bryn Kaelin of North Cambria

CAT FETISH: Police found images of Kaelin putting cats on his genitals (Pic: WTAJ)

Authorities in Pennsylvania charged a man with animal cruelty after officers found a strange series of images on his phone. 

The discovery was made during a routine probation check of the offender’s personal documents. 

Bryn Kaelin of North Cambria allegedly mistreated his pet cats and told police officers he had photographed himself placing them on his genitals. 

Police told local news station WTAJ Kaelin had photographed himself: “Placing them inside his unbuckled pants or on top of his genitals while having his pants removed or pulled down.” 

The documents also claim Kaelin viewed, downloaded and saved images of child pornography. 

An affidavit said the pictures were “of children under the age of 18 engaging in sexual acts or simulation of sexual acts”. 

Bryn Kaelin of North Cambria

CRUEL: Kaelin has since been charged with animal cruelty and child pornography (Pic: WTAJ)

Along with the images, probation officers allegedly found search history containing keywords “pre-teen” and “pornhub” on the mans computer. 

Officers investigating the images deemed the children in the images were 10 years of younger. 

Kaelin has since been charged with animal cruelty and child pornography.


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