Man Utd star De Gea pays tribute to ex-Charlton ace Jordan Dawes who died at 18 from liver cancer


DAVID DE GEA has led tributes to ex-Charlton keeper Jordan Dawes after she died aged 18 from liver cancer.

The Manchester United stopper, who previously sent her gloves and supportive messages, tweeted: “Rest in peace, Jordan. I’m sure that you will keep on making saves up in heaven.”

Jordan’s parents immediately thanked De Gea, saying: “Thank you sooo much for making our beautiful warrior daughter smile.

“@JordanDawes x cherished your 2 pairs of gloves, shirt and video message that you sent.”

Jordan was only diagnosed with cancer last November after a stroke.

Ex-Addicks youth keeper Jordan Dawes has died aged 18 from liver cancer
Ex-Addicks youth keeper Jordan Dawes has died aged 18 from liver cancer
Twitter / @JordanDawes_x

And this morning Charlton and Jordan’s “heartbroken beyond heartbroken” parents posted statements revealing her death.

Messages of sympathy have flowed in ever since on social media.

One tweet, from @louisegurr14, said of De Gea: “You are one in a million who made my cousin and her parents so pleased with the gifts you sent her.

“All the support she is getting is unbelievable. she touched so many hearts and will always hold a place in mine. RIP Jordan xx.”

David De Gea lent his support to Dawes during her battle with illness
Man Utd stopper David De Gea had sent supportive messages to Jordan Dawes while she battled with liver cancer following a stroke
Twitter / @JordanDawes_x

Another post read: “It is often said that we don’t beat death by living long, we beat death by living well and leaving a legacy.

“You’ve run your Race dear Jordan, we weep now but we celebrate you. Forever in your hearts. I mourn you, Fly with the angels Jordan.”

Many messages praising De Gea’s support followed.

Such tweets included: “Thanks for all you’ve done mate” and “Thank you so much, you meant the world to her. She would really have loved this.”

De Gea urged Dawes to stay strong, but her battle came to an end today
Spain star David De Gea donated his gloves to fellow keeper Jordan Dawes
Twitter / @JordanDawes_x

Jordan’s parents posted earlier: “Today our beautiful total amazeballs daughter Jordan Dawes went to sleep for the last time.

“We are heartbroken beyond heartbroken and I don’t know how we are ever going to continue without our beautiful girl.

“She had so much life to live. Never stop loving and hugging your beautiful children as it’s a cruel world out there.”

And Charlton tweeted: “Everyone at Charlton Athletic Women is saddened to hear the news that former player Jordan Dawes has passed away today.

“Our thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.”

De Gea had donated the gloves from his 250th Premier League game to Jordan last November following her stroke.

She was playing for fifth-tier side Kent Football United after being a youth-teamer for the Addicks.



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