Map shows holiday hotspots where ISIS plotting Sri Lanka-style attacks on Brit tourists after ‘caliphate’ crushed in Syria


ISIS terror masterminds are plotting attacks on tourists now that they have been freed from having to defend their territory, intelligence chiefs have warned.

The jihadis were driven out of the last strip of land they held in Baghouz, northeastern Syria last month – but they have been linked to the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 250 people.

Where ISIS affiliated terror groups could strike next

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, while Sri Lankan authorities say local jihadi groups with links to the jihadis are responsible.

Since the suicide bombings on churches and security forces have been conducting raids across Sri Lanka.

Cops are trying to track down 140 people believed linked to the jihadi death cult.

It is now feared ISIS are planning more terrorist spectaculars on western tourists.

Intelligence sources told the Sunday Telegraph, India, the Maldives and east African resorts in Kenya and Tanzania were the most vulnerable.

“The change in tactics is a big worry,” said one source.
“When they were running a de facto state that also meant running things like a health service, and that took up a lot of time.


“But now they have a lot of time to push out their propaganda and they do that by carrying out attacks.”

At one point ISIS – also known as Isil – controlled a swathe of land across northern Syria and Iraq, captured in a terrifying lighting advance in 2014.

They were finally defeated by the mainly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces with the help of air strikes from the US-led coalition, marking the end of their ‘caliphate’.

Another intelligence source added: “It’s fantastic that the caliphate has been destroyed but in the short to medium term that creates a problem, with Isil fighters dispersing around the world and seeking to carry out attacks.”

The Sri Lankan government has said nine homegrown, well-educated suicide bombers carried out the Easter Sunday attacks – eight of whom had been identified. One was a woman.

On Saturday six children were among 15 killed as explosions went off when military police stormed a ‘suicide vest factory’ connected to the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka.

A raging gun and suicide bomb battle broke out after cop and soldiers raided the jihadists’ hideout near the coastal town of Kalmunai – 200 miles from the capital Colombo.

Security forces had recovered explosives, detonators, ‘suicide kits’, military uniforms and ISIS flags.

The inside St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo after the bomb blast there
AFP or licensors

AFP or licensors

Soldiers evacuate the injured child after they raid what is believed to be an Islamist safe house[/caption]


CCTV cameras picked up the suspect bombers as he left his hotel room just before the attacks[/caption]

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