McCarthy: 'Dems' Reaction to Trump SOTU Disappointing


President Donald Trump spoke during his State of the Union address of matters all Americans should support, and it was “very disappointing” how Democrats responded, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday.

“They have got to put their dislike for this president, they have got to put the country before that,” the California Republican told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I thought he was very fair to all. He respected their win. He honored them in their win. But he also talked about things every American should support.”

Trump spoke of protecting life, and about blocking socialism in the United States, among other matters, said McCarthy.

“You can’t stand against socialism?” he said. “That’s real concerning to me.”

Trump also did not give Congress an ultimatum on his call for border wall financing, but did remind members of Congress that they are legislators and should do their jobs, said McCarthy.

“He laid out a place where the argument could be about why you need border security, for human trafficking, the ability to stop those and save those young kids that are put into slavery,” said McCarthy. “What the president said is do your job. (At) one point he did say at the end I have a job, too.”

McCarthy said he does believe that the House will be able to resolve issues over the next two years, even with resistance from Democrats.

“When you look at this president, he is willing to work with anyone that wants to put America moving forward,” said McCarthy.

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