Meet the man who will dump your partner for you for £1,700


AN Austrian businessman has set up a breakup service to dump people’s partners for them — but it could set you back up to £1,700.

Peter Treichl came up with his heartbreaking agency idea after running a dating company for years.

Peter Treichl will go to your partner’s house and dump them for you as a special paid service offered by his dating company
Facebook/Peter Franz
He even delivers this ‘breakup box’ to all of his ‘targets’, in the hope that chocolates, booze and a discount to his dating business will soften the blow

His successful dating firm, The Partner Group, now allows lovers to pay for Peter to breakup with their partners face-to-face.

Peter told Vice: “Lots of people dump their partners over WhatsApp or Facebook.

“At least my style has a little more decency.”


Peter says he turns up at the “target’s” door early in the morning, giving them the full day to get over his shocking news, and breaks it to them quickly.

He tells them he’s come with a message from their partner — which is that they’re not together anymore.

Peter added: “Some targets just laugh when I tell them, while others think there’s a hidden camera somewhere.”

But in time, it dawns on them that Peter is for real, and they really are being dumped by a middleman.

He offers his clients four different break up packages to choose from.

The “on the spot package” for €365 (£323) is the most popular option, followed by the “let’s still be friends” package, which costs the same.

There’s also a “yellow card” package, which is to let a lover know that if they have another slip up in the relationship, it’ll be over.

And then there’s the “luxury” break up package, which costs a whopping €2,000 (£1,773) which can be anything you want it to be.

Peter says one particularly imaginative client turned dumping his wife into a three-week separation journey with this elaborate option.


But it’s not all cruel merrymaking — everyone who Peter dumps gets a breakup box containing prosecco, tissues, chocolate, and a gift voucher for his dating agency.

He says his business gets particularly busy around Christmas when couples spend too much together and get stressed.

Peter once had to do seven dumpings in three days over the festive period.

One bloke, who Peter described as a 23-year-old playboy, even tried to get a year’s subscription to the breakup service to help him ditch the two or three girls he got involved with each month.

But not all of his clients are young — his oldest was a 76-year-old bloke who was sick of his 74-year-old wife saying “that’s fine, darling” in response to everything he said.

Peter reckons there’s even scope to turn his brutal business into a more comprehensive service, similar to ones which already exist in America.

He said: “There’s a storage company over there that will take care of the whole thing for you: they’ll send an email to your partner telling them where they can pick up the container full of their stuff.

“I see that as the next step for us too.”


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