Meet the women who have cheated on their partners on holiday – and one who had sex with a stranger while on a trip with her boyfriend


MOST Brits go on holiday for sun, sea, sand … and sex.

But they don’t always get frisky with their partners when they’re away – a recent study revealed more than one in three men and women cheat while on holiday. 

Maria Koroleva felt good after she cheated on her boyfriend while away in Ibiza

And while some of these do it while away with their mates, shockingly, 13 per cent of Brits have cheated on their other halves while on holiday with them.

We spoke to three female Sun readers who confess to cheating on their other half – and one who was on holiday with her boyfriend while she was unfaithful…

‘I slept with a local while on holiday with my boyfriend’ 

Student Natalia Grigoriou, 25, is in a relationship and lives in London.

She says: “Three years ago, my boyfriend and I were on a dream holiday in Santorini, Greece.

We’d been together for 18 months and he’d booked for us to go somewhere romantic. 

Natalia ended up having sex on the beach with a local man while on holiday in Greece with her boyfriend

We were in our early twenties and the relationship was very intense.

Someone would only have to talk to one of us and the other one would get jealous, and our relationship was peppered with fights.

At home rows were easily fixed and we were good at communicating with one another – but that wasn’t the case on holiday. 

The first few days of our holiday were fine. But then my boyfriend received a text message from his ex and I saw it on his phone.

It was about arranging for a coffee when we got home.

I went mad as he tried to explain they were only friends – but my head was flooded with doubts.

I shouted, “why is she texting you while we’re on holiday?” He tried to convince me it was totally innocent. But we had a massive row.

He admitted they kept in touch as friends, but I couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell me. My trust in him and our relationship just went out the window.

Natalia’s relationship came to an end after she admitted what she’d done

That night I went out to a bar where a friend of mine had a summer job. As soon as I saw her she realised something bad had happened and started buying me shots. 

I wanted to do something to get back at him because I felt so betrayed.

A guy started to flirt with me and I enjoyed it – he was from Santorini and knew the island well.

A few hours later he took me to a secluded cove and we had sex on the beach.

For Natalia, she realised how easy it’d been to cheat while on holiday

When I got back to my hotel room the next day I told my boyfriend what I did.

He was in shock – he knew I would never normally cheat on him.

We were madly in love but going away together showed how easy it was to be unfaithful.

A part of me knew that if I cheated on him it would be over between us – and it was. I got the next boat back to Athens.”

‘I cheated on my boyfriend and had sex with a guy in a club’

Personal assistant Maria Koroleva, 34, is single and lives in west London.

She says: “In 2013 I’d been seeing my boyfriend for five years when I found out he was cheating on me.

This was in May and so I gathered the girls together and announced, ‘we’re going to Ibiza!’ I told everyone to get a week off work or phone in sick. I needed my crew around me for a hedonistic week away.

I didn’t bother telling my boyfriend I was going away either. 

I booked a cheap and cheerful hostel.

Maria didn’t regret her holiday fling

Our motto that holiday was: “Whatever happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza!”

I went with the intention of getting my own back.

Everyone knows Ibiza is party central for adults – and I got off the flight with the intention of finding a fit bloke to have sex with.

I met a guy in one of the clubs on the first night, and to be honest, I targeted him.

He’d probably been with loads of other girls already that season but I didn’t care – I just wanted to have amazing sex with a hot guy.

We went back to his and the sex was fantastic. I was able to lose myself and really let go. I was only thinking about it as a one-night stand. But he had other ideas.

We had sex everywhere: on the beach, in a club, in his car.

We ended up going out together for the rest of the week. He paid for everything. He took my friends and me around the island to the best clubs and bars.

Maria Koroleva spent her holiday with a man she’d met in a club
Maria’s boyfriend never found out but they drifted apart after a year anyway

We kept in touch afterwards but it wasn’t the same when I was back in London. He was really into me, but I deliberately let things slide. I didn’t see the point. 

My boyfriend never found out. If he noticed a difference in me he didn’t say. I never had an ounce of regret or guilt either. We drifted apart before the end of the year. 

I felt good cheating on my boyfriend while I was away. It boosted my mood.

I’d slept with another guy within hours of landing in Ibiza and I’d do it again. I have zero regrets – I’m proof you can do it without any hassle.”

‘I’ve cheated on holiday a few times’

Bridget Zyka, 37, is a body positivity coach. She’s married and lives in London.

She says:I was travelling round the world in my late twenties when I ended up in New Zealand.

Before long I found myself loved up and in a long-term relationship with a Kiwi bloke.

Bridget has cheated on numerous occasions

We’d been together for a year when this guy I’d had a flat share with got in touch and said he would be in Australia. 

The weather was crap in New Zealand at the time so I went to meet an old mate on the Gold Coast in Oz.

I also knew he fancied me but nothing had ever happened.

I booked a flight for a weekend and we arranged to meet up on one of the nights.

One thing led to another while Bridget was away with a friend

We went for a drink and one thing led to another and I ended up back at his apartment. I’d bought a bottle of something strong at duty free and we started doing shots.

It was a spur of the moment thing but we ended up having sex.

I was shocked with myself the next morning. I’m not someone who cheats and I don’t have one-night stands either. But the sex was incredible. We were so compatible – it was like fireworks going off. 

When I flew back and saw my boyfriend waiting for me at the airport I did feel a bit guilty.

But there was no way I was going to tell him. I can see now it was just a ‘meh’ relationship. I did end things with him not that long after.

I’d like to say it’s out of character for me but it isn’t.

I’ve cheated on another boyfriend while I’ve been on holiday interrailing round Europe.

There is something about boarding a flight and leaving work behind that means you get a free pass.

You re-invent yourself when you’re away. Loads of friends have had a fling too. If your other half goes on holiday without you, you can’t be surprised if they’re unfaithful.” 


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