Megarich Arabs turn west London into a racetrack as they speed supercars – including Lamborghinis and McLarens – around backstreets


WEALTHY men from the Middle East are turning London into a racetrack tearing supercars around busy streets.

The late-night speeding during supercar season is infuriating locals who are having to battle high levels of noise and the deadly dangers of crashes.

Lamborghinis and other flash supercars race into London throughout July and August when wealthy people from Middle Eastern countries fly their motors over for holidays to escape the heat in so-called ‘supercar season’
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A McLaren Senna – a £200,000 McLaren was smashed up in a crash in the capital last week
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The aftermath of a dangerous £1million supercar smash-up in Moore Street

Last week, an Audi Q7 4X4 caused £1million of damage when it smashed into a £200,000 McLaren, £40,000 Porsche, £200,000 Bentley along with eight other cars.

The rich occupants of Moore Street and the surrounding areas fear a supercar being dangerously driven will end up killing one of their neighbours after the driver was rushed to hospital with a serious head injury.

Noise and speed

A MailOnline investigation into the problems caused by the cars clocked engines revving at almost twice the legal limit for a car — 74dB.

One modified Ford Mustang was up to 126dB, roughly the same level as a rock concert.

And several cars tracked by a speedgun were found to be going almost 60mph, twice the 30mph limit.

Kensington and Chelsea Council wrote to the government asking for “acoustic cameras” which record motors’ sound level and dole fines out accordingly.

But fines might not deter many drivers, as supercar owners are often seen flouting the rules around London and fork out for the penalties without taking any real damage to their hefty wallets.

But speeding is only half the problem.

A black Mustang was recorded doing 126dB on a device limited to 130dB.

And a red Pontiac Firebird not far behind it came in at 117dB, along with a modified Mini Cooper (115dB) and a Range Rover SVR (114dB) — all well over the 74dB legal noise limit for road cars.

Residents’ fury

For Ali, 46, who lives just off Sloane Square, the supercar season is annoying because they come to the city for two months making a racket and clogging up the roads while admirers take pictures.

But they then leave without even paying parking fines.

Ali said: “They are people who just come for a holiday, that is their only purpose. They just come to entertain themselves.

“It just creates such congestion for the residents around here.”

He added: “As a visitor you might see a Lamborghini or a nice Ferrari speeding down the road and you might like it, but as a resident you are definitely not liking it.”

The hotter months see wealthy people from Arabic countries leave the unbearable temperatures of Middle Eastern countries to cruise around London.

Well-heeled Kuwaitis, Saudis and Emiratis tend to ship their cars over in the months leading to the summer so they’re here when they arrive in July and August.

They’ll sometimes pay as much as £20,000 for a return 3,000 mile journey.

One modified Ford Mustang was recorded making revving at 126dB – the legal road noise limit is 74dB

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