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Meghan Markle admits 'it's good to be home' after quitting UK and vows not to keep silent


Meghan Markle, 38, said “it’s good to be home” during her latest appearance at a virtual gender and politics summit.

The Duchess was among a long list of high-profile speakers including Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates to take part in The 19th summit which ended on Friday.

Meghan closed the summit by conducting an interview with The 19th’s co-founder Emily Ramshaw.

While Meghan was the one mostly asking the questions she did let slip that it was “good to be home” and pushed my Emily admitted that she planned to be more vocal in future.

As a senior member of the Royal Family Meghan Markle and Harry were expected to remain politically neutral.

However, since stepping down from their roles and relocating to America the couple seem to be more at ease with aligning themselves with political causes.

Earlier in the week Meghan shared why she would be voting in the 2020 US election with Marie Claire.

And during Friday’s appearance she touch on the fact that her husband Prince Harry “has never been able to vote.”


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