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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry told by royal insider goodwill wearing thin after poll


Our poll also found people want them to remain completely cut off from all royal funds. The couple signed a contract with Netflix last week that will land them £110million for producing documentary and drama programmes.

But our poll has shown that the British public has lost patience with the couple.

Nearly threequarters of those asked – 73 percent – said the Sussexes should pay back immediately the £2.4million of taxpayers’ cash that was spent on restoring Frogmore Cottage for them near Windsor Castle.

Queen are The Sussexes now live in an £11.2million mansion in Montecito, California, which was reportedly funded with a £35,000-a-month mortgage.

Only 12 percent thought the pair should be given time to pay their debt to taxpayers. One Royal insider said: “Public opinion has hardened significantly.”

The source added: “There has been an awful lot of goodwill shown to them but that won’t last forever as this poll illustrates very clearly.”

The poll shows most people believe there can be no way back for the Sussexes now. Nearly two-thirds – 64 percent – said the Royal Family should be reduced to a small core of royals including the Queen.

Only 15 percent said the family should stay the size it is.

And 81 percent said Prince Andrew should voluntarily assist America’s FBI investigation into the activities of his multimillionaire Core of includng the supported paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein.

Industry insiders have studied the nuts and bolts of the couple’s massive Netflix deal.

One explained: “It isn’t $150 million in a lump sum.

“It’s in break-off stages that come payable one by one as the content provided by the Sussexes comes good.

“If it doesn’t come good, no pay day. So, lots of pressure.”


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