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Meghan Markle heartbreak: Real reason Duchess was forced to delay very personal project


Meghan Markle is believed to have worked for months on the launch of the new charitable organisation she and Prince Harry want to launch now they are independent royals. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were expected to see their Archewell project come to light later this year but they have been forced to shelve their plans as they shift their focus to other issues. Royally Obsessed podcast host Roberta Fiorito said: “Their charity launch is officially delayed.

“Archewell is not coming in 2020 but it’s probably for the best because they are focussing on other things.

“Sources said the couple were responding to current affairs, they are redirecting their efforts to the Black Lives Matter cause in the wider repercussions of the wider COVID-19 pandemic.”

Meghan Markle earlier this month personally addressed ongoing protests against police brutality in a personal video message to the graduating class of 2020 at her former Immaculate Heart High School.

Sources close to the couple have claimed earlier this week Meghan and Harry want to lend their global fame to the BLM movement and to better support those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Royally Obsessed co-host Rachel Bowie said: “I think this makes sense because we’ve all had to pivot at this time and this sort of shows their nimbleness and their smarts about how they’re proceeding.

“Keeping their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in the world.

“I’m really sad, obviously, I’m desperate to know what is ahead for Archewell but they are doing things the way that they should.”

A royal insider told The Telegraph the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to “get it right” with the launch of Archewell and had chosen to delay the launch “until 2021.”

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The request was also allegedly “too vague” and the Duke and Duchess had not paid all the necessary fees, according to The Sun.

An examiner reportedly reviewed their application on May 26 after which Harry and Meghan were sent an “Irregularity Notice” by the USPTO, which listed a number of errors in the application.

This included the vague nature of the proposed charitable work.

The notice also had a number of changes to make which will reportedly need to be made by the former royal couple’s attorney, Marjorie Witter Norman, by August 22.


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