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Meghan Markle is Prince Harry's 'cheerleader' in new video as Duchess 'more experienced'

The expert said: “Meghan’s tone is very different to Harry’s.

“While he sounds like the guy who is new to the fight, Meghan adopts a more experienced, empathetic and even frustrated tone.

“She talks in long paragraphs and her wording suggests a more intellectual approach.

“‘Both of us realised…’ The start-up emphasis is obvious here, especially as Meghan uses the term ‘both of us’ rather than the more usual and less formal ‘We’.”

According to Judi, Meghan seeks to establish Harry by presenting them as “a solid team of two.”

Judi added: “It suggests a priority for Meghan is to pitch herself and Harry as a solid team of two in all their ventures and she even implies they think with one mind here.”

She added Meghan’s wealth of experience is “pretty obvious” in contrast to her husband’s.

Judi said: “It is pretty obvious that she is the more experienced and more eloquent member of their professional double-act, but this choice of wording suggests she is keen to stress Harry’s importance in their work by giving him equal billing.

“‘We can continue to do this work to try to affect change and help the people who need it most or the communities or environments that need it most, but it’s almost like you’re taking two steps forward and five steps backwards if you can’t get to the root cause of the problem.’”

“This is Meghan showing her empathetic side, referring to the people who are actually suffering as a result of the problem but there is an underlying air of frustration and even distress in her choice of words.”

According to Judi, Meghan shows her “frustrated” side with her choice of emotive language.


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