Meghan Markle’s ‘flirty’ tongue-pokes are a bid to make public see her as ‘funny and real like Princess Diana’, body language expert claims


HAVING worked as an actress long before she joined the firm, Meghan Markle is a far cry from camera shy.

And royal watchers have noticed a rather unusual pose that the Duchess of Sussex frequently adopts when out and about – a cheeky tongue poke.

Royal watchers have noticed that Meghan Markle can often be spotted sticking out her tongue in a cheeky gesture
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Pregnant Meghan, 37, has been spotted sticking out her tongue on several occasions both during public and private engagements.

Body language expert Judi James says that the gesture is a bid to come off as more approachable to the public, a trait adopted by her late mother-in-law.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital she explains: “Meghan used this gesture when she was wearing her more formal royal clothing for the first time and this implies a desire to look funny and ‘real’ rather than stiff and starchy.

“Princess Diana used to employ similar, self-effacing traits as tie-signs to connect with her fans when she was appearing at very dressy royal events, often grinning and rolling her eyes at the cameras to show she was still natural and down-to-earth despite wearing a long gown and a tiara.”

Body language expert Judi James says that by clamping her tongue between her teeth Meghan showcases ‘a very childish gesture of concentration’
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Princess Diana was always making jokes to make her seem more ‘human’
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Judi says that the gesture is a technique Meghan uses to look less ‘stiff’ – a similar technique used by Princess Diana
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Judi says that Meghan uses three types of ‘tongue-poke’ depending on the occasion, all with slightly different meanings.

During a visit to Brinsworth House in Twickenham she could be seem sticking her tongue out while helping to make Christmas decorations.

Judi comments: “By sticking part of her tongue out and clamping it between her teeth as she studies some papers on a table, Meghan uses a very childish gesture of concentration.

“Babies and small kids will often poke their tongue from their mouths when they’re thinking hard or working on something they find complex, probably because the tongue is covered with several sensitive nerve-endings and keeping it still like this can help avoid distraction.”

Her first engagement as a royal saw Meghan use a tongue poke showcasing her down-to-earth sense of naughty fun
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During her first engagement as a royal Meghan attended Prince Charles’ 70th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace where she showcased a ‘naughty’ tongue poke.

Judi explains: “In her very formal hat here Meghan performs the kind of tongue-poke that suggests a down-to-earth sense of naughty fun.

“The tongue is partly protruded but the upper lip is puckered and there is a very emphatic eye-smile to show she’s using the gesture as a tie-sign to share a chuckle with her fans.

Diana would sometimes roll her eyes at the camera to poke fun
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Judi says that this kind of tongue poke is more flirty, and Meghan often uses it when she is around Harry

“This type of poke can also be quite flirty, which is why she’ll often use it when Harry is watching.”

Her third and final type of tongue poke is her cheekiest according to Judi and was seen both at the wedding of and Meghan’s first Christmas at Sandringham.

She was seen adopting the cheeky pose at the wedding of Charlie Van Straubenzee
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She says: “This is the really cheeky tongue-poke, with Meghan raising her eyebrows and widening her eyes as she does it. It’s the sort of gesture that would get a mirrored response so she’s really working the empathy here, with a mutually childlike gesture.

“The tongue-poke that Meghan doesn’t use is the spontaneous poking of the tip of the tongue between the middle of clamped lips before or after speaking.

“This gesture often mimics a baby rejecting food and in an adult can suggest rejection, disgust or feeling intimidated.”

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