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Melania Trump and Ivanka ‘tougher’ than ever and ‘determined’ at last presidential debate

Melania Trump is the stepmother to Donald’s four children. However it is Ivanka who she is often seen with as they both hold roles in the White House with Ivanka being her father’s senior advisor. The women were seen supporting Donald last night at the last presidential debate and looking at photos from the night, body language expert Judi James has shared an insight into Melania and Ivanka’s body language and what this may show.

“There was no mention of specific family members but, having only just recovered from a bout of Covid and in the middle of a gruelling presidential campaign, it was interesting that the women closest to him chose to power-dress last night, presenting themselves as an elegant but also grimly determined, front-line ‘army’ for the president, rather than offering the more traditional ‘adoration of the hero’ – style of support signals.”

Both Ivanka and Melania opted for very similar outfits and both wore dark ankle-length dresses with high heels.

The body language expert suggests that this mirroring is a kind of relationship that has never been seen before.

She added: “The look was so emphatic that it hinted that both Melania and Ivanka might have made a shared decision to show this tougher, firmer approach. 

Putting safety first, the women wore face masks whilst attending the event. 

Ivanka opted for a blue disposable one whilst Melania went for a black reusable one to match her outfit.

The expert explained: “Melania even opted for a dark face mask which concealed what might have been a rewarding smile as she walked on stage at the end, but she didn’t appear to try to compensate for this as she took a very stately-looking walk across the stage to stand by her husband’s side. 

“There was no rushing or any intentional gestures to mime a hug and when the cameras returned to the couple they stood side-by-side, almost to attention.”

Whilst Melania and Donald appear to be showing more public displays of affection than they ever used to, the debate was not one where they showed it. 

However this may be because eye’s were on them at all time and it may not appear to be professional. 

Judi added: “The more business-like look of uniform strength from Melania and Ivanka might have been to promote Trump as the strong guy in a tough line-up that meant business.

“After his worrying illness it might have been seen as the wrong time for him to seem to be on the receiving end of any nurturing or concern signals. 

“He has been pitching himself as a bit of a super-hero through his recent health crisis and this apparent display of toughness from his line-up might have fitted that narrative if they were seen as a combine source of power and strength.”

Ivanka and Melania often choose smart business-like outfits and Ivanka has been seen in suits and smart dresses this whole week whilst campaigning for her father.


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