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Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS sparks rage as she breaks own boycott to secretly wear mask


Melania Trump sparked a huge online backlash after she was spotted wearing a mask on Marine One, the aircraft carrying her and her husband. The US First Lady and President Donald Trump were attending a Memorial Day ceremony in Baltimore. However, when Mrs Trump appeared in public, she was not sporting the coronavirus face protection.

Despite federal guidelines from April recommending that Americans wear face coverings in public to help fight the spread of coronavirus, President Trump has not participated.

The US leader announced the advice but immediately said he was “choosing not to do it”.

Last month, Mrs Trump urged Americans to wear face masks in public, releasing a photo of herself wearing one.

However, she appeared to forgo one at the ceremony and even held the hand of a military aide — a clear violation of social distancing protocol.

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In a tweet, the First Lady had written: “As the CDC studies the spread of COVID-19, they recommend people wear cloth face coverings in public settings when social distancing can be hard to do.

“Remember, this does NOT replace the importance of social distancing.

“It is recommended to keep us all safe.”

Although she did not wear one at the ceremony, eagle-eyed photographers snapped the First Lady with a mask on her face inside the marine aircraft.

One user tweeted: “I knew they were backwards, but this is a different level.”

Another said: “It’s all about the optics, they have issues with vanity.”

Sue added: “Maybe they should ask Melania directly why she takes it off in public, especially as she made a video promoting wearing one. She never gets asked one question. I would love to see her reply on the spot without reading a script.”

A different tweet published: “Very peculiar, to wear one and then not wear one. I think you should ask Press Sec about it. She has some opinions I heard.”

The New York Daily News also ridiculed the mixed messaged: “Ivanka and her kids do, but Donald doesn’t. Melania does inside, but not in public. The Trump sons, and their families, do not. Keeping up with the First Family, and their face mask-wearing during a pandemic.”


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