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Melania Trump ‘rolls eyes’ at Donald's daughter Ivanka in shocking snub amid feud claims


The incident took place on the final night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday. Donald Trump addressed the event and received the official Republican nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

He will face Democratic Party challenger Joe Biden in a bid to keep the White House.

Social media focused on the interaction between Melania and Ivanka, amidst reports of a rift between the pair.

Melania smiles broadly as Ivanka approaches the stage, but turns stern and appears to roll her eyes as soon as she has passed.

Ivanka then moves to stand on the other side of the president and gives him a friendly pat on the arm.

A number of Twitter users commented on the awkward exchange.

In a post with over 38,000 retweets comedian Dana Goldberg said: “This was so weird.”

She later added: “The disdain she has for Ivanka is all of us.”

Art Santiago, from Los Angeles, posted: “Did Melania just roll her eyes at Ivanka?”

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According to CNN Ms Wolkoff claims Ivanka and Jared Kushner, her husband, tried to “control” Melania and reduce her influence.

Both Ivanka and Jared work in the White House as advisers to the president.

Separately People Magazine claims the book contains “shocking” details of attempts by Melania to keep Ivanka away from the main photographs at Trump’s inauguration in 2016.

President Trump used his RNC speech to argue Mr Biden can’t be trusted on law and order.

He said: “If Joe Biden doesn’t have the strength to stand up to wild-eyed Marxists like Bernie Sanders and his fellow radicals then how is he ever going to stand up for you? He’s not.

“The most dangerous aspect of the Biden platform is the attack on public safety.”

Mr Biden fired back at the president on Twitter.

He posted: “Remember: every example of violence Donald Trump decries has happened on his watch.

“Under his leadership. During his presidency.”

American’s go to the polls on November 3 to select their next president.


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