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Melania Trump shock: Is this the REAL reason behind FLOTUS 'don't care' jacket?


Melania Trump, 50, was heavily criticised for wearing the green parker jacket which had the script “I don’t care, do u?” on the back of it. But the former friend and aide to the First Lady, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has since explained why Melania wore the controversial jacket. Ms Winston Wolkoff, admited she would have jumped on Melania if she saw her wearing the jacket.

Speaking to CNN, Ms Winston Wolkoff said: “When I spoke with her afterwards, I told her I would have jumped on her.

“Melania told me, ‘no one would be able to jump on me’ because Melania makes her own decisions.

“Her stylist, I send him a screenshot of it, and Hervé Pierre was getting the most terrible tweets.

“His inbox started being flooded with ‘how dare you, what kind of legacy are you leaving’.

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“I begged the White House communications to make a comment saying it had nothing to do with Hervé.”

She went on to explain Melania did it to show people she went to the border.

Ms Wolkoff continued: “She wanted everyone to know she went to the border.

“She did not feel the press would cover a good deed. She felt the press only wanting to cover something that was damaging to the administration.”

Melania urged voters to re-elect her husband during an impassioned speech to the Republican National Convention but Anthony Scaramucci claimed there was a “hidden jab” in her speech.

The First Lady’s speech was aimed at disaffected suburban women voters who have abandoned Donald Trump.

Mrs Trump also acknowledged the pain of the coronavirus pandemic in a way few other speakers at the Republican convention have.

But former White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci, claimed mentioning the disease was a “hidden jab” to the US President.


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