Home News Merkel shocks europhiles with damning assessment of 'fragile EU project'

Merkel shocks europhiles with damning assessment of 'fragile EU project'


The EU have been embroiled in a huge spat about how the Brussels bloc will manage the financial burden caused by the coronavirus crisis. And, speaking in the German parliament, Angela Merkel warned the pandemic has revealed just how “fragile” the EU27 was. Merkel said in Bundestag: “Cohesion and solidarity have never been as important as they are today…the pandemic, and the economic downturn it brings, are the biggest challenges in Europe’s history.”

The German leader added: “The pandemic has revealed how fragile the European project still is”.

Spanish and Italian politicians criticised the European Union over its initial reaction to the coronavirus outbreak.

Since the virus has swept across the continent, forcing countries to shut borders, as the EU27 rushed into lockdown.

As nations slowly emerge from lockdown and ease measures, the realities of the impact of coronavirus are becoming clear.

But the Brussels bloc has still failed to agree to the coronavirus bailout fund, and the strategy they will implement to recover from the crisis.

Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands have all called for a responsible spending plan to fund the recovery.

It means a compromise is unlikely on Friday when EU27 leaders hold crunch video talks on the proposed €750 billion recovery fund.

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