Mia Khalifa shocks fans as she reveals how much she made as adult actress


The 26-year-old Lebanese-American actress and social media personality only worked in the adult industry for three months.

But despite her short career, Mia had a huge impact and was still the second-most-searched-for star on Pornhub in 2018.

The Texas-based sports commentator took to social media to address some of the common misconceptions about her time as an adult actress.

Sharing a video with her almost 17 million Instagram followers, Mia said she had actually made far less than many people thought, around $12,000 (£9,940) in total.

She wrote: “Common misconception is that I’ve been making millions and millions from residuals for the work I did.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.

“In reality, I made around $12,000 in TOTAL my entire time in the industry.”

She also explained some of the stigmas she faced after quitting as an adult actress in 2015.

“It was near impossible for me to lead a normal life with a normal office job after,” she said.

“I made around $12,000 in TOTAL my entire time in the industry”

Mia Khalifa

Sharing a clip on Twitter, she added: “Difficulty finding a normal job after quitting porn was… scary.”

In 2014, Beirut-born Mia went viral after appearing in an adult film wearing the Islamic headscarf — a hijab.

Mia – who was raised as a Christian – faced death threats from ISIS and other Islamist extremists after the video was seen by millions around the world.

Many of her followers were stunned she had made so little.

One commented: “Pause. Only 12k?”

Another wrote: “I’m glad you got out.”

While a third said: “This makes me respect the hell out of her for just having the ability to talk about it.”

Last year, speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Mia revealed why she’s a massive West Ham fan.


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