Michael Jackson ‘used notorious paedo tactics’ by isolating ‘victims’ from parents and acting as father figure, investigator claims


MICHAEL Jackson used classic paedophile tactics to isolate his alleged victims from their parents before abusing them, a veteran cop told the director of a explosive new film about the star.

In Leaving Neverland James Safechuck, 40, and 36-year-old Wade Robson go into detail about the sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of the singer.

Michael Jackson with Wade Robson, who has accused the star of sexually abusing him

Director Dan Reed explained how in his research for the Channel 4 documentary he spoke to a veteran California investigator.

The detective had been involved in more than 4,000 child sexual abuse cases including the 1993 LAPD investigation into Jackson.

Reed said the investigator said Jackson’s behaviour fitted “the true pattern of a paedophile”.

Wade claims he was molested at Neverland Ranch by Michael Jacksonwhen he was just seven.

He says the abuse went on for seven years, and alleges two Jackson firms were used to lure kids.
James met Jackson aged nine when he appeared in Pespi commercial with the singer in 1987.

The former boy companion of Jacko – who was by the star’s side for much of his Bad tour – accused the singer of molesting him nearly 100 times in the 2015 legal action.

In an interview with Channel 4 said Reed said: “Safechuck and Robson describe the classic, step-by-step playbook – you insert yourself into the family so that you can ultimately isolate and separate the child.

You become everything to the child: father, brother, mentor, then sexual abuser

“You charm the parents, usually flattering the mother while keeping the father at a distance until you can substitute yourself – remember, Robson talks about wanting Jackson to be his ‘real father’.

“Privately, with the child, you undermine the parents, particularly the mother, which Jackson did to both boys, encouraging them to blame their mothers as their marriages started to fall apart.”

Reed said the predator then gradually takes over the victim’s life.

“You become everything to the child: father, brother, mentor, then sexual abuser,” he said.

“The child is overwhelmed and can’t reach out and connect to the things that had previously formed their identity.

“The veteran detective also pointed out that it’s not unusual for victims to stay silent until many years after the sexual abuse has ended, once emotional and behavioral problems begin to surface.”

Jackson was acquitted in 2005 of criminal molestation charges, which did not involve either Robson or Safechuck.

A 2015 civil action was filed by James and Wade and according to the pair’s lawyers, Jackson shelled out nearly $200million to around 20 alleged victims

The action claims Jackson exchanged rings with the then nine-year-old James in a creepy mock wedding ceremony at the Neverland Ranch.

Court documents say his father was then paid $1million hush money after the secret union.

Jackson with James Safechuck, who it’s claimed was forced to take part in a wedding ceremony with him
Leaving Neverland details how Jackson abused boys at his ranch
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