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Mike Tindall lets slip nickname for Zara as he calls for help with daughter Lena


Mike revealed she calls his wife of nine years ‘Zed’ during a particularly chaotic episode of the podcast Joe’s House of Rugby. As he was speaking to other guests on the programme, Mike’s younger daughter Lena could be heard speaking on the background. 

Trying, but failing, to ignore his adorable toddler, the former rugby champion started laughing and said: “Sorry, Lena’s just on fire at the moment, she’s never quiet.”

Revealing he had called for help, Mike also inadvertently mentioned Zara by her nickname.

He said: “I did just send Zed a message, going ‘Shush please,’ so she’s obviously moving from somewhere.”

Mike and Zara have been self-isolating at their home in Gloucestershire with their two daughters, six-year-old Mia and Lena, who is turning two next week. 

While Mike has dedicated the past few weeks to his podcast, taking part in a series of challenges to raise funds for the NHS and homeschooling, Zara and worked on her horses to make sure they stayed in shape and ready for the reopening of the horse-racing season.

In a recent interview with Horses & Hounds, Zara said: “Those of us who have been able to spend time with our horses during lockdown are so lucky – a lot of people haven’t and that’s incredibly tough for them.”

The equestrian, who won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, also described how riding for her country is what “dreams are made of”. 

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Zara said: “I love riding for my country; those have been the best experiences of my career.

“To get your horse to that level is what it’s all about and what we all strive for.

“I love the big occasion because I love the pressure – sitting on a horse that you know is good enough, you are fully prepared, riding for your country, it’s what your dreams are made of.” 


Zara took her passion for horses and horse-riding after her mother, Princess Anne, who was also an Olympic equestrian.

Mike also gave an interview recently, opening up on how he lived the lockdown with his two daughters.

Speaking about homeschooling Mia, the former rugby player told the Daily Telegraph a few days before the school reopened for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils: “Zara still has hopes that the horses will get back, they still need training and working on, so I get to be a teacher in the mornings which is sometimes really nice, sometimes really frustrating. 

“I don’t think any child is a great homeschooler because they definitely listen to other people better than they listen to their parents. 

“[Mia] can be brilliant one minute and then something you’ve seen her do a thousand times she’ll just go ‘I don’t know how to do that’ and then you go ‘well I know you do’, and she’ll just say ‘no I don’t’ and then you get frustrated, and you’re trying not to get frustrated.

“She enjoyed it the first week because it was different being around Mum and Dad all the time. 

“But then, ultimately, it’s the same people who are telling her off or telling her what to do and I think then she gets bored of that.”

The father-of-two revealed on June 2 he had successfully dropped off his elder daughter at school.

Publishing a gif showing Forrest Gump in the homonymous film running away, Mike said: “Me after school drop off this morning!”   


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