‘Milky Bar’ teen blasted white van man to death after he yelled ‘nice bum’ at female pal – and spent 8 months on the run


A TEENAGER shot a white van man to death after he yelled “nice bum” at a female friend – before going on the run for eight months.

Bradley Blundell, 18, is serving a 22-year jail sentence after killing electrician 34-year-old John Pordage at a BP garage in Chelmsford, Essex.

Blundell went on the run for 239 days after killing John Porage in a petrol station forecourt
John Pordage, pictured, was shot dead at the garage in Chelmsford
John Pordage, pictured, was seen at the BP garage moments before the shooting


A three-week trial in January found Blundell, together with 18-year-old Ella Colgate and two others who cannot be named, had picked up a stolen motorcycle and stopped at the garage to get petrol.

Colegate had been approached by Mr Pordage and his friend Jamal Samuels while filling up her car.


One of the men shouted “nice bum” as they went to buy cigarettes, a prosecutor heard.

Blundell, who was described by the other men as looking like “the Milky Bar Kid”, then pulled out a .32 calibre revolver and shot Mr Pordage in the chest on the night of August 5, 2017.

A new Channel 5 Documentary explores the night of the chilling murder before Blundell’s 239-day disappearance.

It revealed how Blundell and his friends burned their clothes in the Maldon salt marshes ten miles from the site to avoid suspicion.

The next day the killer, then 17, was in London callously buying his girlfriend a present from Selfridges.


They were trying to “chat her up” at the BP garage[/caption]


One of the men complemented Ella Colgate, pictured, on her “nice bum”[/caption]


Killer Kid: The Murder of John Pordage shows how his phone was next traced to Norwich, before he went “off-grid”, police said.

John’s mum, Sue Wilson, described the devastating moment she was told her son had died – as his killer travelled to France, Germany and Holland without arousing suspicion.

“I saw two men standing there, it was the police… they said did you know him?” she said.

“I said yes he’s my son. He just stood there and said he was dead, and that was it.

He just stood there and said he was dead, and that was it. I couldn’t go near him because it was a crime scene. I couldn’t kiss or touch my son, nothing.

John Pordage's mum, Sue Wilson

“I couldn’t go near him because it was a crime scene. I couldn’t kiss or touch my son, nothing.”

John’s mum Sue described how Blundell “laughed” as he was convicted of murder and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice after a three-week trial.

Colgate, a care worker, denied conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by contacting a prosecution witness but was also convicted.

“He was making signs and laughing, he didn’t seem that bothered,” she said.

“Everything’s changed [since he’s gone], I’m not the same person without him.

“I know he’d say go on mum, get a life, but what sort of life is that?”


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