Millionaire’s son, 14, jailed for knifing pal to death ‘after losing a computer game’


Vasya Turda, from Ukraine, had been given “5D” computer games worth £19,750 by his rich father, a court was told.

He invited his friend Vasya Pop, 15, to his family’s mansion to show off his new hi-tech software.

But several hours later Vasya Pop’s neck was slashed with a knife at his house in Nizhnyaya Apsha, known as Ukraine’s wealthiest village.

The boy’s body was found with a total of 27 stab wounds by his friend’s grandmother.

“He had 27 stab wounds, his head almost severed, his neck cut from ear to ear”

Mikhail Pop

“He stabbed my son with a knife,” said Mikhail Pop, the victim’s father.

“He had 27 stab wounds, his head almost severed, his neck cut from ear to ear.

“This was the first strike, the experts told me. Then he abused the corpse.”

The grieving father branded the attacker “a maniac”.

A “conflict” between the teenagers is believed to have arisen over the outcome of a computer game, said reports on the case citing police officers.

“Vasily Turda attacked his mate when they played on a console on the second floor,” said one account.

Vasya Pop fled with blood pouring from his his badly wounded neck.

He ran down to the ground floor as Turda chased him wielding a knife.

Police pictures show a trail of blood was strewn through the large house.

Vasya Turda – whose father Vasily is a wealthy businessman – was convicted of “murder committed in the heat of passion” as they played computer games.

He was sentenced to three and a half years by a Ukrainian court.

The court heard allegations that the victim had provoked the attacker with “unlawful violence, systematic harassment or grievous insult”.

In an earlier dispute, it was claimed Vasya Pop had pulled down his pal’s trousers in the presence of girls in a cafe.

But regional prosecutors are now demanding the sentence should be increased to 15 years, say reports.

The computer games the teenagers were playing were not revealed.


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