Miriam Margolyes joins Mark Rylance's boycott of Royal Shakespeare Company over BP sponsorship


Miriam Margolyes has joined Sir Mark Rylance’s boycott of the Royal Shakespeare Company over their sponsorship deal with BP.

The Bafta winning actress, who has starred in Harry Potter, Call the Midwife and The Real Marigold Hotel has said she will not appear in any RSC productions while the company kept its sponsorship deal with the oil giant.

“Mark Rylance is absolutely right in his stance and I support it,” she told the BBC.

“I would turn them down as long as they are supporting something that is doing harm to the world.”

Sir Mark, the Academy Award winning actor, told The Guardian that BP’s sponsorship deal allowed the firm to “obscure the destructive reality of its activities” and said he did not wish to be associated with BP any more than with “an arms dealer or a tobacco salesman”.


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