Missing Nora Quoirin – Latest updates as Brit teen remains missing in Malaysia


COPS are stepping up their hunt for missing as hundreds join in the hunt for Nora Quoirin, seven days after the 15-year-old mysteriously disappeared from a Malaysian holiday resort.

A rescue mission team of 300  is doing everything possible to locate the vulnerable teenager. Here’s the latest.

Nora Quoirin, 15, vanished from her room while on holiday in Malaysia
Nora Quoirin, 15, vanished from her room while on holiday in Malaysia

What is the latest on missing Nora Quoirin?

The hunt for Nora Quoirin is continuing in Malaysia.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  • Footprints believed to belong to the 15-year-old found by a specialist dog unit
  • Police release pictures of a large window found propped open
  • A recording of Nora’s mum’s voice saying ‘I love you, mum’s here’ is played on loudspeaker in the jungle
  • Family make emotional plea for missing teenager
  • Police check fingerprints as they admit Nora may have been taken
  • Cops probed a sighting of a “white woman” swimming in a river
  • More than 300 people are hunting for the missing teenager

When did Nora Quoirin go missing?

Nora was staying at The Dusun Resort near the Berembun Forest Reserve in Malaysia when she went missing on Sunday, August 4.

The teen, who has special needs, arrived in Malaysia for a two-week “trip of a lifetime”  in a nature reserve near Seremban, 39 miles south of the capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, August 3.

Nora’s family – who live in London – say they discovered she was missing on Sunday morning.

Cops said that a window in the living room downstairs was left open.

Nora and her siblings were asleep in rooms upstairs.

The hotel is set within a 12-acre orchard resort close to the Berembun Forest.

Hundreds have joined the search for the missing girl

What have cops said?

More than 250 volunteers have been working around the clock to locate the missing girl.

Nora’s family has said they are still hopeful after police leading the investigation refused to rule out a “criminal element”.

Search teams have been using loudspeaker recordings of Nora’s mum in a bid to find the vulnerable teen.

District police chief Mohamad Nor Marzukee Besar has emphasised the need for speed, telling reporters: “An able-bodied or normal person would be weak by the fifth day, and that is why we need to find the victim as soon as possible.”

Cops are also handing out photographs of Nora at roadblocks in the area in the hope someone may recognise her.

They have released photos of the hotel room window they found propped open – and said it’s the only way Nora could have left.

Police are also investigating claims the “fingerprints” belong to an outsider as Nora’s family believe she was almost certainly abducted.


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