Moment ‘team of pickpockets’ caught in action on camera as one reaches into victim’s bag near Piccadilly Circus


THIS is the moment a team of pickpockets target a shopper in Piccadilly Circus.

The man is completely oblivious as the gang brazenly rifle through his bags during a late night attack in central London.

The alleged thief makes a grab for the shopper’s bag in Piccadilly Circus

Dressed smartly and carrying bags of their own, the gang blend into the sea of tourists, shoppers and store workers as they make their move.

One of the alleged thieves desperately tries to grab an item from the department store bag while the others trail behind.


On being filmed they look startled and make a swipe for the camera as the film comes to an abrupt end.

The clip was captured on Saturday night and was later shared to Reddit with the caption: “Yesterday, I encountered 3 organised pickpockets live in action near Piccadilly Circus. Be careful guys!”

A user by the name of JeevanThapa claimed to be the person filming the gang.

He later wrote: “I have shown this video to police officers who was on duty near that place but they didn’t do anything, instead they asked me to go to police station and report it and go to court.

“I was so disappointed to see crimes were happening right in front of our eyes but police are telling us to follow the process.

“Now, I understand why people don’t want to report anything even if they witness the crime. Such a disappointment.”
The Sun Online has approached the Met Police for comment.

The three men walk closely behind the man before pouncing
The alleged thief rifles through the man’s bag
One of the group is startled as he caught out by the witness
One of the gang makes a grab for the camera as he is caught in the act

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