Momo Challenge's youngest ever victim, 3, told to hurt herself


Bianca Becerra asked little Adaline – who is believed to be the sick game’s youngest victim – “Baby Addy, who is Momo?” as they watched TV together.

The three-year-old’s utterly terrifying response left her mum’s heart racing.

“She looks at me with her eyes really big and says, ‘She is the scary lady with big eyes and black hair’,” the mum told Mirror Online.

VICTIM: Little Adaline Becerra is believed to be Momo’s youngest victim (Pic: NC)

She added: “My heart wants come out of my chest but I keep it together because she is only three and I don’t want to alarm her.

“I ask my daughter ‘Addy what does Momo say to you?’

“My daughter’s response was, ‘Mommy she wants your princess to hurt herself, she wants me to go in the garbage’.

“And I ask her again, ‘what else does she say’? And she told me that ‘Momo wants me to jump from the high slide and hurt myself’.”

HORRIFIC: Adeline told her mum Momo told her to hurt herself (Pic: NC)

Adeline came out with the disturbing comments at her home in Florida earlier this week.

The tot is one of a growing number of kids being contacted by the challenge – with many victims believed to be being targeted in the UK.

Momo, a scary looking female figure with bird like feet, was used as a viral meme by teens on WhatsApp.

Through the picture, kids were encouraged to harm themselves and in some cases even take their own lives.

MOMO: Kids are sent a number of disturbing and graphic images (Pic: NC)

They are also sent a number of disturbing and graphic images.

If kids do not perform tasks set by the Momo creature, they are then cursed through the popular messaging app, the warped trend claims.

Daily Star Online revealed today how a terrified five-year-old girl chopped her hair off after the vile game “brainwashed” her while she innocently watched Peppa Pig.

The youngster was following instructions from the creepy character while innocently watching Peppa Pig.

FAMILY: Adaline, from Florida, pictured with her parents Bianca and Julio and big brothers (Pic: NC)

Her terrified mum has told how her little girl lopped her own hair off and even issued a chilling warning to her own mum, telling her: “Best keep one eye open when you’re sleeping!”

Fears around the game have increased after reports revealed it is hacking into children’s programmes on YouTube Kids.

Schools have written to parents to tell them that Momo is popping up in seemingly innocent Peppa Pig episodes, as well as Fortnite, Minecraft and videos showing kids opening Kinder Eggs and other treats.

TERRIFYING: Kids are encouraged to harm themselves and in some cases even take their own lives (Pic: NC)

Parents think their child is safe watching a normal episode of their favourite programme – but a ‘Momo’ clip has been spliced into the YouTube clip.

The ‘Momo’ character – a scary doll’s face – interrupts the show and threatens the viewer into contacting a number on WhatsApp.

Some parents say their children have been told they will be “killed in their sleep” if they do not contact ‘Momo’.

Once the child has connected, the shadowy people behind the ‘Momo’ account can send what they like to the child on WhatsApp.

In some cases the account may threaten to access or release personal photos or information or warn of a “curse” from “Momo”.

For confidential support call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit a local branch, see for details.


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