Home Sports Motorcycle racer Ralph Hudson dead at 69 after high-speed crash

Motorcycle racer Ralph Hudson dead at 69 after high-speed crash


One of the fastest motorcycle drivers in the world, Ralph Hudson, died Sunday after being injured last month while trying to break another speed record.

Hudson, who was 69, crashed his bike while attempting to set a speed mark on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on Aug. 14. He was going 252 MPH when a gust of wind caused him to lose control.

According to the Southern California Timing Association, he was treated by a medical team following the crash and was transported to the Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City.

Hudson had previously attempted to break the 300-MPH barrier in 2018 at the Salar salt flats in Bolivia. He set the record at 297 MPH and hit 304 MPH — the fastest ever recorded speed for a sit-on motorcycle, according to Autoweek.

But Hudson wasn’t able to duplicate it on a second run, which was necessary for an official world record.

“It’s great to have gone 300 and to have it officially recognized, but I didn’t do two runs with an average over 300 and get an FIM World Record,” Hudson said following the 2018 Bolivia event. “To know that I have a bike that was capable of doing that but not putting the two runs together is very disappointing. You know, you set your goals and it’s disappointing if you don’t reach them.’’


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