MPs should listen to Warren Buffett and have faith in post-Brexit Britain’s deals


FINANCIAL genius Warren Buffett hasn’t accrued his fortune by taking needless risks.

The American billionaire and investment guru is the kind of man who likes to wear both belt and braces.

Our politicians should listen to Warren Buffett and have faith in Britain’s surging economy
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So when the so-called Sage of Omaha says Britain is a great place in which to invest and he is ready to buy something here tomorrow, it shows this country’s economy is in great shape.

The resounding vote of confidence by the world’s third richest man will be a major fillip to those who have resolutely stood up to the Project Fear bullies.

And it is yet another blow to the doom and gloom predictions that Brexit would tip us into a tailspin.

As Trade Secretary Liam Fox points out today, Britain has leapt from third to first as the place in which the world wants to invest.

Mr Buffett underlined Britain’s powerful attraction to American businesses by saying our culture and tax regimes were “awfully close”.


Wouldn’t it be great if his faith in this great nation and his optimism for our future could be echoed by more of our politicians?

All the likes of the scowling Jeremy Corbyn and the pompous Commons Speaker John Bercow can do is to score cheap political points by snubbing President Donald Trump.

Instead of trying to undermine our special relationship, they should wake up to the importance of our trading links with our staunch ally across the pond.

And they shouldn’t be leaving it to others to shout out the great news about Britain’s surging economy.

Beware stealthy Labour

VOTERS will have their first chance this week to vent their fury over the Brexit­ ­shambles.

But those who want to treat the local elections on Thursday just as a way of punishing the Tories should be wary.

PA:Press Association

Backing Labour is a recipe for madness[/caption]

Today we reveal a Labour plan to boost town hall taxes that could hit struggling families with huge bills of up to £1,500 each.

According to the 72-page blueprint, town halls want a Labour Government to scrap rules which allow residents to block crippling council tax rises.

Jeremy Corbyn’s experts have also drawn up an alarming list of other taxes they would love to milk.

Much of the revenue would no doubt be funnelled into loony Left schemes.

The Tories may be in a mess.

But backing Labour is a recipe for madness.



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