Mueller team denies that it drew up obstruction charges against Trump, as Michael Wolff book claims


Author Michael Wolff’s second book on Donald Trump triggered an immediate backlash on Tuesday after an explosive claim about the man who investigated ties with Russia was flatly denied by his spokesman. 

In the new book, the sequel to his controversial Fire and Fury, Mr Wolff claimed that special counsel Robert Mueller drafted up a three-count indictment against the president on obstruction of justice charges.

According to a copy seen by The Guardian, Mr Wolff quotes extensively from this document in Siege: Trump Under Fire

Mr Wolff reports that the special counsel’s office drew up the the charges under Title 18 of the US criminal code. The document, which was entitled “United States of America against Donald J Trump, Defendant”, reportedly sat on Mr Mueller’s desk for almost a year. 

The first count charged Mr Trump with corruptly influencing or obstructing a pending proceeding before a US department or agency, according to the newspaper. The second charged him with tampering with a witness or informant and the third charged him with retaliating against a witness or informant.


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