Mum, 24, shared ‘ex-boyfriend's penis pics online and demanded CASH to stop'


A WOMAN has been arrested after she allegedly published photos of her ex-boyfriend’s penis and demanded cash to stop.

Breyanna Dean

ARRESTED: Breyanna Dean was held for posting the penis pics on social media (Pic: FACEBOOK/BREYANNA DEAN)

Breyanna Dean has been held after she reportedly stole the man’s phone and posted explicit pictures of his genitals using his own social media profiles.

The 24-year-old was attempting to extort money out of the man by sharing the snaps online, reports Smoking Gun.

She has been held on charges of extortion after being arrested in New Port Richey, Florida.

Police reports claim she maliciously posted pictures of a male victim’s genitalia and then sought payment from him to “stop her actions”.

Cops said she posted pictures “across multiple social media platforms in direct messages”.

Breyanna Dean

MUGSHOT: Breyanna Dean was arrested on charges on extortion (Pic: FACEBOOK/BREYANNA DEAN)

“She used the the victim’s old phone to access his social media and send the pictures”

Court complaint

The man – who is not identified in court papers – is believed to been in a relationship with the mum-of-three.

The court complaint reads: “[Dean] used the the victim’s old phone to access his social media and send the pictures.”

It is also alleged she “demanded the victim by written communication to pay a monetary payment to stop her actions”.

And she is said to have changed her ex’s passwords so he couldn’t go in an delete the posts.

Breyanna Dean

SOCIAL MEDIA: Breyanna Dean is accused of using her ex’s old phone to share penis photos (Pic: FACEBOOK/BREYANNA DEAN)

Breyanna Dean

EXTORTION: Breyanna Dean has been released on a $10,000 bond in Florida (Pic: FACEBOOK/BREYANNA DEAN)

Dean’s actions “directly exposed the victim to disgrace” and there is “probable cause” for an extortion charge, according to the court complaint.

Court records reveal she has previous convictions for disorderly conduct, careless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

She was also a defendant as two women sough injunctions against her for cyberstalking injunctions.

The mum was released from jail on Saturday after posting a bond of $10,000.


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