Mum, 26, jumped in front of van after telling boyfriend ‘look after the kids, I love you'


Lindsay Davies

HARROWING: Lindsay had battled postnatal depression before her death (Pic: FACEBOOK / LINDSAY DAVIES)

Mum-of-two Lindsay Davies, 26, from Runcorn, Cheshire, had been “argumentative and upset” with her boyfriend, but told him she loved him seconds before her death.

Arons Stepans had walked Lindsay home at 8pm the night before after she had been drinking with her friends but became distressed and started arguing with him.

He suggested they spoke the next morning instead of arguing, but woke up to five missed calls from Lindsay.

When he called her back she sounded suicidal so he rushed to her home and broke down her front door when she didn’t answer.

Lindsay Davies

DISTRESS: The inquest heard that Lindsay was very upset the night before her death (Pic: FACEBOOK / LINDSAY DAVIES)

“I called her back and she said: ‘Look after the kids; I love you I love you I love you’”

Arons Stepans

Lindsay, who was not home, then called Aron, and told him: “Look after the kids; I love you, I love you, I love you.”

She then jumped out from the hard shoulder of the M56 into the path of the Tesco van.

Driver Neil Cartwright told the inquest: “I couldn’t take any action to avoid the collision. I didn’t have time.”

He added: “I’ve been off work since that day and will be off for some time.

“I’ve been attending counselling. I can’t believe this has happened.”

Lindsay Davies

TRAGIC: The coroner recorded that Lindsay took her own life (Pic: UK)

In a statement read to the coroner’s court, Lindsay’s mum Joanne Pope said: “The last time I saw her was on FaceTime on February 8.

“She seemed absolutely fine and I had no concerns.”

But the mum added that her daughter had been “up and down” with depression.

“She’d been prescribed antidepressants at times and following the birth of her daughter, had suffered postnatal depression,” she said.

Toxicology results showed that alcohol had left Lindsay’s system at the time of her death, but cocaine and cannabis were found in her blood.

Arons, who was Lindsay’s boyfriend of two years, told the hearing: “I stayed the night at my friend’s and woke up at 5am to missed calls.

Lindsay Davies

HEARTBREAKING: Lindsay’s boyfriend said he ‘loved her to bits’ (Pic: FACEBOOK / LINDSAY DAVIES)

“I called her back and she sounded suicidal.

“I ran to her house and broke the door in when I had no answer.

“I called her back and she said: ‘Look after the kids; I love you I love you I love you’.”

He added that he “loved her to bits” and was not aware that she had taken any drugs.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner Heath Westerman said: “From all the evidence I have seen I am sure that Lindsay did this act herself.

“She jumped into the path of a moving vehicle which was going westbound along the M56 between junctions 11 and 12 with the deliberate intention of ending her own life.”

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