Mum, 46, and twin daughters, 18, mysteriously found starved to death inside their locked Vienna flat


THE “starved” bodies of a mum and her twin teenage daughters have been discovered inside their locked home – yet neighbours swear they saw bags of food carried inside.

Cops in Vienna are trying to unravel the baffling deaths of Vesna Milosevic, 46, and her 18-year-old girls Suzana and Tanja.

Police and firefighters in Vienna found the remains of Vesna Milosevic and her 18-year-old girls Suzana and Tanja
Central European News

Mystery surrounds the case as while an autopsy showed all three were starving, and had been decomposing in their locked flat for nearly two months, Vesna’s parents are adamant that they were “healthy”.

According to Austrian media, investigators have been unable to find any signs of forced entry into the council flat, or violence on the three bodies. It’s not known when exactly they died.

Blic reports that after firefighters broke into the home, the bodies of Suzana and Tanja were found lying on the bed, with their mum’s remains on the floor beside them.

Vesna’s parents Stevan and Danica Ilic were shocked when they learned about the tragic fate of their daughter and granddaughters from the media.

They told reporters that Vesna and her husband moved to Vienna from their native Serbia when the twins were just seven months old.


However, the mum soon discovered that her husband had another secret family in the Austrian capital.

Stevan Ilic said: “No one knew he had another family and more children there – he managed to hide it.”

Danica Ilic added: “They divorced a few years ago, and there were terrible fights after that.”

In the social housing complex with over 500 residents, neighbours reported hearing arguments and suspicious noises from Vesna’s home, until one day in April “it all went quiet”.

Some neighbours said they alerted cops after hearing cries for help – a claim police were unable to confirm due to data privacy regulations in the country.

Reports said that Vesna had been admitted to a women’s shelter three times while fleeing from her allegedly violent ex-husband.

When social services last visited the flat two years ago, the worker noted that Vesna suffered from psychological delusions and her twin daughters appeared anxious and frightened.

But, youth welfare office spokeswoman Andrea Friemel said: “We could not determine any danger.”

A neighbour told us they saw Vesna with two bags of shopping, so the starvation theory does not seem right.

Stevan Ilic

Danica said she was “sorry” they had moved to Vienna, adding that if she “go back in time, we would forbid them [granddaughters] to go there.

“If they were left here [in Serbia], they would have been under our eye, our grandchildren would be educated, growing, and get married.”

With no food found inside the locked house, it was suggested that Vesna convinced her daughters to give up on life and allow themselves to starve to death.

However this claim has been scotched by her Serbian parents, who said they last talked to their daughter in mid-April, but have been unable to phone them since then.

Neighbours told Blic that the mum appeared depressed, and that her daughters seemed to be “disturbed”.

Stevan said: “For someone to die in the 21st century from starvation, that is not right.

“A neighbour told us that they saw Vesna with two bags of shopping recently, so the starvation theory does not seem right.”

Danica said that after the long-running divorce was finalised, her granddaughters appeared to be, “completely healthy and normal children. We last spoke on 15th April, and we talked for a long while.”

Investigations are continuing.

Vesna Milosevic and her two daughters Suzana and Tanja, both 18, who starved to death in a flat in Vienna
Central European News
Relatives hold pictures of Vesna, Suzana and Tanja, as mystery surrounds the deaths of all three in a council flat
Central European News
Stevan Ilic, the grieving father of Vesna Milosevic and grandfather of twins Suzana and Tanja


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