Mum begs social services to take in violent son, 13, who set fire to house


A MUM has begged social services to take in her violent 13-year-old son who set fire to their house and said: “I’m scare he’ll kill us.”

The desperate mum, who has not been named, claims her teenage son has been violent from a young age and has attacked her and his siblings.

A mum claims her 13-year-old son is so violent he could end up killing her and her family
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She said her son has cut open his six-year-old sister with a piece of glass and set fire to their bathroom, reports GrimsbyLive.

His younger siblings are aged six, four and two and are “completely terrified of him”.

The boy also assaulted a police officer who visited the family home in Cleethorpes, Lincs, to try and help.


He has also been kicked out of a number of local schools after attacking students, pushing teachers down stairs and taking a blade into a lesson.

His mum said: “My son has been completely out of control for as long as I can remember.

“I am constantly black and blue because of him attacking me, and he has my other children completely terrified of him.

“He has cut my six-year-old open with a piece of glass, beats her in the face, pulls out her hair and drags her down the stairs.

The scariest thing is that he has started setting fires inside our house. I am so terrified of the house burning down and us all being killed

The boy's terrified mum

“There are times when she is in the bathroom that he will lock her inside and turn off all the lights, so she is trapped there in the dark.

“He has smashed up every television, phone and iPad that we have in the house, nothing is safe around him.

“He has been kicked out of school after school for assaulting teachers and students, he even pushed a teacher down a flight of stairs and was caught bringing a knife into class.


“He is taller than me and quite well built, so there is nothing that I am able to do when he starts to attack us.”

“The scariest thing is that he has started setting fires inside our house. I am so terrified of the house burning down and us all being killed.

“To be honest though, the only way I ever see him getting any help, is when we are all being taken out of the house in body bags.”

The mum claims she has called local cops 25 times in 2019 but can’t act because of her son’s age and have left the case to social services.

She added: “I have begged and pleaded with social services to take my son into care, because I just cannot have him under the same roof as us all anymore, he will end up killing one of us.

A North East Lincolnshire Council spokesman said: “As with all complex family cases, we have to balance the overall needs of all those involved and all decisions taken are in the best interest of the family.

“Our staff will continue to work closely with the family and other agencies to address their concerns and ensure they’re all in a safe environment.”

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