Mum gets daughter’s stained Disney princess doll looking brand new using £2 B&M spray


A MUM has credited a £2 cleaning product with removing stubborn purple lipstick from her daughter’s Disney Princess doll.

The woman posted impressive before and after pictures to Facebook group Cleaning Hacks, Tips & Recommendations over the weekend.

One mum has revealed how she saved her daughter’s Disney Princess doll after a make-up malfunction

It was Bartoline’s sugar soap spray that the mum used to tackle Rapunzel’s poor stained face.

Captioning her post, she wrote: “I have saved her. My daughter started crying and said no don’t like it.

“The first picture was when I just taken it out the washing machine, I started to use make up wipes and nail varnish remover.

“It made a bit of a difference then I decided to use sugar soap which it came off quite easy. I know for next time to use sugar soap [sic].”

The woman’s daughter had had a bit too much fun playing around with lipstick
After she used the sugar spray, Rapunzel looked as good as new

The woman later added: “Wasn’t easy I spent a good hour on it.

“I honestly thought I had to throw it :'( but couldn’t part with it.”

She went on to explain that she’d bought the spray from B&M, telling other members of the group: “I got it ages ago.

“It’s good for removing grease from the walls especially if you had the deep fryer on.”

You can buy Bartoline’s spray at B&M for £2
  • Bartoline Sugar Soap Spray, £2 from B&M – buy now

Fellow cleaners were clearly impressed with the results, with one commenting: “Good job well done.

“You’re better than me I’d have binned it after it came out the washer lol!”

Others said: “That’s amazing. I shall remember that one,” and: “That’s brill. And glad you put what you used coz you usually never find out and yer left wondering [sic].”

What a happily ever after.

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