Mum reveals genius hack for using tea tree oil to save pen marked sofa


MUMS need to have eyes in the backs of their heads in order to keep watch over their children, just ask this parent who found her daughter had drawn all over the sofa in pen.

Posting a photo of the stain situation to Facebook, users said they thought the couch was ruined – suggesting she fix it with a “nice blanket” or take a match and lighter to it instead.

The mum revealed the sofa that her daughter had used to draw on

In the image of the sofa, it looks as if a blue biro has been used to scribble all over the armrest and seat cushion of the sofa.

The desperate mum revealed it had happened after leaving her daughter unattended as she put her baby brother down for a nap.

She wrote: “It’s the last time I leave the room while my toddler has a pen on hand – I was putting her baby brother to sleep.”

Some of the mums joked she should chuck the kids out for causing such a mess, with one hilariously referring to the child as a “crotch goblin”.

Lots of mums suggested she chuck the sofa – and the kids – out
But she tried a hack and it worked wonders
The stains completely lifted after a spritz of tea tree oil and some scrubbing

However, determined to try and fix the sofa the cleaning-savvy mum mixed up her own concoction with incredible results – and you can have it for just £2.09!

Posting unbelievable before-and-after photos on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, the mum revealed how she used a combination of tea tree oil, water and a lot of elbow grease to get rid of the stains.

Fans of the page were astonished with the transformation.

Explaining her method, the mum wrote: “Tea tree oil in water. Sprayed it on the couch and used a scrub brush and scrubbed it”

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The mum mixed tea tree oil and water to spray on the stains

Unsurprisingly, other users were blown away with the mum’s stain-free sofa – and one revealed she would be storing it up for future use.

She wrote: “Thanks! My bub is 4 months and I’m sure I need this tip for future.”

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