Mum shows off the birthstone ring for her kids but people joke the big toe looks ‘infected’ because of awkwardly placed pearl


A MUM proudly showed off the bespoke birthstone ring which was made to symbolise her little one, but it’s been branded an ‘infected boil’ due to badly placed pearl.

The woman flaunted her ring online, which shows two silver feet inscribed with her kid’s name.

It emerged the ring was a present from her husband

With her little one’s birthstone a pearl, it was added into the design – as one of the big toes.

But the odd placement and colour has seen the stone compared to a ‘boil’, with people saying it makes the toe look ‘infected’.

Gushing over her ring, the mum explained it was a Mother’s Day gift from her husband which she’d been waiting years for.

The post was shared to Facebook group That’s It I’m Ring Shaming: The Wreckoning, where she wrote: “I have been asking for a ring with my kids’ birthstones for 2 years.

The mum had waited years for her bespoke ring

“This was my mother’s day gift.”

The ring has been roasted online, with one person simply commenting: “Infected toe.”

Another asked: “Why does the ring have a boil.”

A third wrote: “Looks like the big toe has an infection! Nice!”

People have claimed the ring looks ‘infected’ due to the big toe

Somebody else thought: “All mother’s rings are horrible.

“But infected pearl tow take the cake. Holy s**t.”

This person said: “Kept looking to see if I’d missed the other pearl or if it’d fallen out. But nope. Just one.”

While this person added: “I just have no words for how disappointed I’d be.”

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